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 Selling Home 

The following home selling reports will assist you in answering the many questions that arise during the home selling process. When you're armed with the right information, and an experienced real estate professional, you'll be closer to reaching your goal - selling your home fast, and for the best price.

Many Sellers, who have visited this site are so impressed with these reports that they have contacted Kaveh in order to assist them in the Sale of their home. 



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Below, select desired reports and complete the form provided & please do not hesitate to contact Kaveh, if you have any questions about Selling a home in Ottawa or elsewhere in Ontario.


Everything I Touch Turns To Sold!

Selling your home is an involved process that affects your family and your future. Before you begin this process, you'll want to ensure that you have the most up-to-date information. When should you sell? How do you get the best price? What kinds of renovations should be made prior to the sale?                                                

Selling Your Home
Remember what first attracted you to your house when you bought it? What excited you about its most appealing features? Now that you're selling your home, you'll need to look at it as if you were buying it all over again.
Common Selling Mistakes
Learn the top nine selling mistakes and what steps you can take to avoid them.
The Right Selling/Listing Price
When you’re selling your home, the price you set is a critical factor in the return you’ll receive. Learn several factors to base the assessment of your home.
Home Selling FAQs
How do I set the sale price? Do I need a home inspection before I place my home on the market? Do I need a lawyer? Should I counter-offer? Why hasn't my home sold yet?
The Home Selling Process Made Easy, Seller's Service, The Selling Team.
Property Evaluation
The value of a house (or condo, or co-op, or townhouse) fluctuates often, based on many situations, such as an ever-changing market conditions, the condition of the home, and the costs associated with owning it.
GST and Real Estate
When you're selling a home, the Goods and Services Tax, or GST, will probably apply to the transaction. However, with GST rebates and exemptions ...
Moving Tips
Things To Remember, Provide Your New Address TO, Notify.
Glossary of Terms
Terms and Descriptions.
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